Top 8 Hair Growth Shampoos for 2016

Hair loss affects a big number of people and is therefore a big problem that needs to be addressed effectively. Hair loss is caused by several factors, including clogging of hair follicles by oil, presence of certain testosterone that inhibit hair growth; as well as insufficient vitamins and n moisture. Because of these factors, a big number of hair loss shampoos have been developed by various companies in a bid to address this problem. Needless to say, some of these products fail to meet the expectorations of users, while others are very effective. Other chemicals are known to work, but contain toxic compounds that lead to undesirable side effects and for this reason many users avoid using them. The best hair loss shampoos contain natural ingredients that are known to promote healthy hair growth, while not being associated with any side effects to your scalp or hair. These are the products that make it to the list of the most popular hair loss shampoos every year. Here below is a list of the Top 8 Hair Loss Shampoo for 2016:

1. Pura d’or Premium Organic Argon Oil (Gold Label)

This a premium hair loss shampoo which is made from 100% plant extracts. The product is also free of SLS (sulfates), other harmful chemicals, as well as parabens. Pura d’or works by blocking DHT hormone that is associated with hair loss. The product provides essential nutrients to your hair follicles, thereby resuscitating lifeless hair and therefore beginning the regeneration process. In addition, it contains niacin and biotin, which are known to help strengthen hair strands, increase circulation, and promote healthy hair growth. It is suitable for both men and women and can be used on a daily basis without any problem.

2. Hair Growth Shampoo (Hair Regeneration System)

This is one of the most effective hair loss shampoos on the market today. It helps prevent hair loss, treats your scalp, and relieves dandruff in both men and women. It is formulated using vitamins; essential oils, nutrients, as well as clinically studied extracts that help promote the restoration of natural hair growth by promoting healthy circulation to your hair follicles.

3. Biotin Hair Loss Shampoo This product is suitable for both men and women who are fighting hair loss. It contains a number of vitamins that have the ability to block DHT effectively, thus promoting healthy hair growth. The product is most ideal for thinning hair as well as growth restoration. Using this product leads to faster hair regrowth that is not associated with any side effects. In addition, biotin is also known to increase hair growth by promoting micro-circulation, which is known to support stronger hair roots.

4. Hair Growth Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Set These products are formulated using raw organic Monika honey, coconut extracts, Aloe Vera, as well as other ingredients that promote healthy hair growth as well as preventing hair loss effectively. The products are free of sulfate and are very effective when it comes to making your hair to become naturally thicker, healthier looking, as well as shiny and bountiful. In addition, they are certified by Organic lab as the best hair loss prevention products in the US. This is because they help restore natural moisture as well as treating split ends, thus leading to fullness.

5. Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic Shampoo This hair loss shampoo is made of several natural ingredients that help promote healthy hair growth. Its ingredients include B- vitamin complex, nettle extract, biotin, he shou wu, and some essential oils. It is also free of SLS, parabens, harsh chemicals, gluten, DEA, harsh preservatives, artificial colors, as well as artificial fragrances. This product works by reversing any damage that your hair may have experienced and therefore beginning the healing process. It also blocks DHT, thus strengthening the hair strands. This in return promotes healthy hair growth. The product is safe for daily use by both man and women. It also offers protection to your scalp and the skin of your hands.

6. The Ultrax Labs Hair Growth shampoo This is one of the best selling hair loss shampoos from Ultra Laboratories. It is also rated very highly as a hair regrowth stimulation solution on the market today. Some of its active ingredients include essential oils and caffeine. Caffeine has been proven scientifically to extend the life cycle of hair follicles and also inhibits the production of hormones that hinder hair growth. In addition, this product also contains ketoconazole, which is associated with anti-fungal properties. Hair Surge Shampoo is very ideal for people with thinning hair because it effectively promotes healthy hair growth. In addition, it also contains saw palmetto, which is known to help block DHT.

7. The Bosley Bos hair growth shampoo This is another very effective hair loss shampoo that derives its regrowth power from saw palmetto. It also contains some compounds known as pentapeptides, which are mostly used in anti-wrinkle creams and is specifically meant to help increase the production of collagen. Collagen is known to help hold the skin together and is therefore very essential for promoting healthy hair growth. In addition, Bosly hair growth shampoo contains another compound known as methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCT). This compound is known to control and prevent the overgrowth of fungus on your scalp. Overgrowth of fungus leads to hair follicle damage, meaning that it contributes greatly to hair loss.

8. The Phytoworx shampoo This product is made from 100 % natural ingredients. It does not contain any artificial preservatives and additives. It is also free of paraben and sulfate, which are toxic and can lead to undesirable effects on your hair and scalp. The product is blended from different elements, including plant stem cells, which are extracted from Malus Momesica, which is found in Switzerland. These stem cells are then blended with a number of organic essential oils, including rosemary, peppermint, as well as eucalyptus , which are all known to help promote health hair growth. The product is essential for maintaining a healthy scalp as well as hair follicles.
All the above mentioned hair loss shampoos contain the most desirable ingredients for promoting healthy hair growth through the provision of the right nutrients in sufficient amounts, promoting scalp health, as well as keeping the scalp clean and healthy. They are also free of harsh preservatives, as well as other dangerous chemicals such as sulfates.